Don't Like What's Happening in America?

Silence is Consent    Resist Out Loud!

This truth-telling bumper sticker is from the action group What Now? 2016/2017 post-election effort to evict the disloyal, lying, law-breaking, resident in the White House.

Cars that display it get salutes from drivers and pedestrians who object to the Republican march to end democracy. This sticker reminds Americans to


The designer prints the stickers and keeps them in the car for people who want them. You can order it from this web page and get it in the mail.

Large 11” x 3” vinyl bumper sticker with anti-UV coating

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Shipped U.S. Mail First Class. Allow 5 to 10 days for delivery, or slightly longer if more stickers must be printed to fill orders. An adequate supply is usually on hand.

If you want to print your own bumper stickers to display and distribute, click on the image below to download the print-ready PDF file.

Impeach Now!